Wire Striping



Wire striping is the process of adding an additional color or colors to the wire or cable jacket. Contrasting stripes allows for easier identification for users. When using multiple wires that are similar, in one application, custom color combinations will ensure a smooth installation. Our striping capabilities include spiral and parallel striping up to three stripes and color combinations on a variety of materials, including PTFE, PVC, XLPE, and nylon jacket wires like THHN wire.


Spiral Stripe Parallel Stripe
spiral stripe on wire

Diagonal line added to wire jacket creating additional color stripe spiraled around outer wire jacket

Parallel Stripe on Wire

Linear line added to wire jacket creating additional parallel color stripe around outer wire jacket


PTFE ink is water-based, not solvent based. The process involves preheating the wire and then heating afterward with enough heat to melt the stripe into the wire.


We have stocked inks for a variety of materials. Please contact us for striping on your specific insulation type.



Add color to or change the color of the wire or cable by soaking it in a solution impregnated with a dye. Our machines also have the capability to dye PVC wire and cable to your individual specifications to help with proper identification of existing or custom installations.


Lapp Tannehill has stock dyes and is able to dye PVC wire and cable.

With our value-added services and vast product inventory, Lapp Tannehill is your one-stop source for wire and cable. Contact us for more information or a quote on our wire striping and dyeing services.


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